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Where Your Sense of Fun
Meets Your Sense of Fulfillment.

Coming to Indianapolis: The sensational lifestyle only enjoyed at SQLC retirement communities.

Active living. That’s the best way to describe a community dedicated to letting you be the most you can be every day. Now you can enjoy pursuing your interests, improving your wellness and fitness, relaxing and finding your own peace of mind, all right around you. If you’ve looked at retirement communities in Indianapolis, you’ll recognize how exciting our services and amenities will be.  The Barrington is designed to reinvigorate daily living, so that nothing gets between you and the pursuit of your interests, especially not housekeeping, home repairs and lawn care.  Just look:

  • Maintenance-free, customizable, 1- to 3-bedroom apartment homes with 24-hour security. We’ve made these homes with top-of-the-line finishes that add elegance and sophistication to your environment. But we still give you the freedom to add the touches that make it completely yours.
  • Cultural, social and recreational activities right in our community and in greater Indianapolis. Meet friends and enjoy your time in our library, creative arts studio, fitness center and a business communications center.
  • Landscaped grounds that call to you to explore and enjoy your surroundings, all carefully planned to compliment the Carmel neighborhood. Best of all, beauty can be all around you without you having to work to maintain it.
  • It all comes with the lifelong health care security of Life Care. Life Care is more than a program. It's financial protection, care and confidence, all rolled into one.

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for a virtual look through one of our apartment homes and see what it's like to live The Barrington lifestyle. We're certain you'll move from virtual to reality in no time.

Learn more about Our Promises Kept. Hear from residents about the many extras they enjoy at SQLC sister communities and from residents on why they chose The Barrington over all other Indianapolis retirement communities.

“Personally, I love the area, especially because of the abundance of the arts. It’s the perfect place to be when your home is too much because you can have more freedom.” – Resident Julia Hall, click here to read more.

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