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Masterpiece Living®:
Make “Someday” Every Day

Independent living in Indianapolis.
The best of everything is right next door.

Someday, I’ll pick up my watercolors again.
Someday, I’ll start eating better and exercising more.
Someday, I’ll do things differently.

It’s hard to break out of the status quo. When your daily routine takes over, life’s wonderful possibilities can take a back seat. And all too often, people sigh and say: “At my age, why start now?” The point is: You can. You can keep growing physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually at any age. Science proves it—and Masterpiece Living is making it happen, all across the country, every day. In Carmel, it will only happen at The Barrington, the exclusive Masterpiece Living community in greater Indianapolis. Here, independent living means the freedom to be your best in every way.

The fundamental principles of Masterpiece Living are based on the results from the landmark, ten-year study by the MacArthur Foundation on aging in America. The findings from this report shattered the traditional stereotypes of aging. We now know that 70% of physical aging, and about 50% of mental aging, is determined by the choices we make every day.

Masterpiece Living is a complete methodology for successful living, statistically proven to help make people better prepared to reduce the Mayo Clinic’s 12 Risk Factors of Aging. You take positive action against physical and mental decline. You expand your social world, your intellectual life and your spiritual self—all for a better quality of life. At The Barrington, Masterpiece Living will make better living a natural part of your day.

Contact us today to begin the conversation that can be the beginnings of your personal Masterpiece. For more information call 877-373-4514. Discover independent living with a difference in greater Indianapolis.

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