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Where Your Sense of Well Being
Meets Your Sense of Security.

Life Care separates The Barrington of Carmel from typical “elder care” communities in
greater Indianapolis

Life Care is security for you and your loved ones. Now you can know that you are in good hands and your finances are as well. The Barrington aims to do something new in Indianapolis: to offer more than just high quality independent living or conventional ideas about “elder care.” Life Care will protect you at every stage of life, with guaranteed access to long-term health care: Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing, all on site. Just as important, Life Care will protect your assets with predictable monthly costs that don’t change dramatically, even if your needs do. Above all, Life Care will protect your estate with an entrance fee that is up to 90% refundable.

Lifelong care. With Life Care, you not only have a low, predictable monthly fee for future health care; if you outlive your resources for reasons outside of your control and are unable to pay your monthly service fee, you will still be guaranteed residency and priority access to on-site long-term health care. This means protection for life, no matter what happens to your finances.

Eligibility at move-in. 
 As an Independent Living resident, once you’ve been approved and made the refundable deposit, you will receive Life Care benefits. Even if you develop additional health needs before the community opens, you remain eligible for Life Care.

Long-term care insurance and Life Care. Check with your insurance carrier or agent for specifics, but Life Care and long-term care insurance usually work well together. So you don’t need to worry that Life Care means giving up any additional protection you’ve paid for.

Tax benefits. 
Portions of both your entrance fee and monthly fees may qualify as deductible prepaid medical expenses. These health care tax deductions are available only through Life Care communities. For details, discuss your individual tax situation with your personal tax advisor.

Life Care helps you spend time and energy on the things that matter most: friends, family and your life. To learn how Life Care can become the most unwavering piece of your retirement portfolio, call us today at 877-373-4514 or contact us online.

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